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Poker Blog

Ich melde mich ja nur noch selten hier zu Wort, weil das ein Poker Blog ist und ich einfach momentan zu wenig zu Thema Poker zu berichten. Der lange WCOOP-Grind hat offenbar keine Spuren hinterlassen, denn auch am ersten Sonntag nach der World Championship of Online Poker war jede Menge. Pottis-Poker-Blog. Der Alltag im Leben eines (Ex-) Pokerprofis. Heute Abend beginnt bei PokerStars die zweite Online-Ausgabe der Brazilian.

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dies ist ein Pokerblog. Es soll sich um Geschichten rund um das Pokerspiel drehen hier. Das wird auch % so bleiben versprochen! Aber. In unserem Blog berichten außerdem Spieler und Journalisten über die abseitigen Dinge des Pokerlebens. Von Höhen und Tiefen, von Abenteuern und​. Pottis-Poker-Blog. Der Alltag im Leben eines (Ex-) Pokerprofis. Heute Abend beginnt bei PokerStars die zweite Online-Ausgabe der Brazilian.

Poker Blog 1. Daniel Negreanu Blog Video

INSANE 4-Way ALL IN on FT Bubble! My Deepest Run! Poker Vlog Ep 130

The Blog. Find a collection of poker articles with free tips and secrets from our high-profile pro poker players. Check back weekly for exclusive poker strategy tips, poker quizzes, and mindset & lifestyle advice for you to improve your skills. Search for. New York City, New York, United States About Blog High on Poker is a poker blog by Jordan, a NYC poker player and day-time lawyer. HoP got its start when Jordan realized that if he talked about poker in his daily life as much as he was thinking about it, he would be branded a gambling addict and looked down upon by his peers. Poker is a game of the skill, but there is an element of luck that makes it impossible to win every time. Even the world’s best players with the most cutting-edge poker strategies go through losing stretches, but over the long term they consistently turn a profit. The Poker Academy is a blog written by Rep Porter, who has played poker professionally for over 10 years and have won 27 World Series of Poker bracelets and had 27 cashes at WSOP as well. He posts about travel, success, balancing poker games, and tournaments, a little bit of home life, and of course the World Series of Poker. Poker player and vlogger, living in Las Vegas, traveling, living life. FAQs: What camera do you use? Mainly the Canon G7X Mark iii. I also use my iPhone when recording at the poker table. My. Pokerstars blog. The best feature of this blog is very fast updates and coverage on live poker tournaments. If you are interested in ongoing events, you will find almost hourly updates and plenty of information on those tournaments. They do feature some of the online games as well, so you have plenty of . Let’s get some of that blog run good, waiting for a new game to get going, £1-£2, buy-in: £ Solid October , Poker Leave a comment October 24, October 25, 1 . PokerStars Blog brings you all the latest news from around the poker world, including results and analysis from the biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments around the globe. We’re also the first to bring you game-changing announcements, exclusive interviews with the biggest stars in the game and daily updates from the world’s largest.

Stay up to date on everything related to online poker. Since Feb Blog safestpokersites. About Blog YourHandSuck is an online poker magazine.

Read in depth poker articles to improve your game or just for your entertainment. Our mission is to provide readers with the most accurate information about poker along with details on the best poker sites online.

Since Feb Blog onlinepoker. About Blog Online poker at 32Red Poker. Keep up to date with the latest poker promotions, poker freeroll tournament and more.

Dublin, Ireland About Blog The latest blog posts from HowToPlayPokerInfo where you will find the best information for learning to play poker, including poker tips, poker training, and reviews.

About Blog Poker Guru Blog is a news site for the latest events of the world of online and live poker, the most interesting players and most exciting action.

Learn poker strategy tips, news, gossip and much more by following this blog. I played poker to support my poker-playing habit.

Now I write books to support my book-writing habit. Anderson recently partnered with Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming, one of the fastest growing gaming companies in North America, to form a production company that is creating something new and exciting for poker TV.

On this site you will find our musings on poker, travel, poker rooms, and our plans for a full-time poker lifestyle. For more about us and what we're doing here, check out the Our Pilgrimage page.

HoP got its start when Jordan realized that if he talked about poker in his daily life as much as he was thinking about it, he would be branded a gambling addict and looked down upon by his peers.

Hence, the blog, part journal, part news, and part strategy, with a liberal dose of whatever else is on Jordan's mind. Blog highonpoker. About Blog Online poker tournament players share their experiences at live poker tournament events in Europe and the Caribbean.

Everything in one under one roof. Everything you need to know to become a Champion. Follow this channel to transform yourself into a winning poker player with elite Poker Strategy and Mental Game Strategy.

I stream 5 days a week on Twitch. United States About Blog I'm a professional poker player and coach.

For the last 12 years, I've been traveling the world full-time playing the biggest games on the planet.

This is mostly for readers who are only interested in game-play and strategy. Pokerama-rama is created by a poker player with the blogger name Irritable Male Syndrome.

His blog is not totally about poker. There are also posts about beer, rambling thoughts, and just rants about a life event or something that happened during a poker session.

The blog is very casual and entertaining, but it does not give you as much thought processes, strategy, and a look into game play as other poker blogs do.

Poker and Bridge is by Memphis Mojo. His blog is very casual and talks about poker, bridge, and miscellaneous stuff like vacations, sports, and life events.

His poker blogs are not very detailed as far as gameplay and strategy. He mostly talks about what tournaments he attended, how many entries there were, how much the buy-ins were, the prizes, what place he took, and significant hands he played.

Overall it is an okay blog. This blog is by a full-time poker player Tim Stone. He started playing poker full time in , and he started this blog in He talks about his winnings, the places he has lived, parties and events he has attended, etc.

It is not a very personable blog, and there is not much insight into strategy and game play. His blog posts are sporadic, maybe once or twice a month.

His last post was on September 5, , so there is a possibility he may continue the blog. Table Tango is by Linda R Geenen.

She started the blog back in , and it touches upon poker, family, personal events, etc. You will find entertaining screenplays and poems about poker.

You will also find stories about her family and more. There is no telling if upcoming posts, if any, will be about poker.

Talon Chick was created by Adrienne Rowsome. She is an online and tournament poker player, and her blog is mostly about poker and her life.

It is a very casual and personable blog. As far as poker, she likes to give her readers insight on her game play and the lessons she has learned from being a poker player.

She started in , so there are definitely a lot of things that readers can pick up from her. You never know. Tao of Poker is created by a guy named Pauly.

He blogs mostly about poker, and you will find some interesting stories about encounters he has had in his home town or during his travels.

His blog is very casual and amusing. He even has a disclaimer that says nothing on the site should be taken seriously.

He sometimes posts about some of his poker games and significant hands that won or cost him a game. He also reported on tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

His blog is no longer running, but you can be entertained for a while going through his blog. Tommy Angelo Operations is a self-titled blog that started in He writes about poker, random thoughts, and events in his life.

He blog has a very friendly tone and readers will be able to learn something from it. As far as poker posts, he talks about tournaments, things poker players say, interactions he has had with other poker players, mini updates on his poker adventures and more.

Anyone can enjoy this blog for entertainment or study. The blog is mostly about poker, and you will see blog posts on topics such as poker players, poker psychology, WSOP, theory, strategy and more.

The blog is very friendly and upbeat, and some posts are even in the form of a story. Although the blog will probably be no longer update, players old and new can use the blog as a resource.

They can also find some other insightful information on horse racing, craps, basketball, sports betting and more.

Starting the Grind is a blog by Pedro Goncalves, who has been a professional poker player for about 8 years. His blog touches up poker, travel, and other stuff outside of poker.

Some of his posts are inspirational and upbeat. They touch upon confidence and having a better outlook in life and in poker.

He does not have a lot of game play or strategy in his blogs. He more so talks about his outcomes from the games he has played.

Because of the lack of postings in some years, it is possible he will post again sometime this year. Wicked Chops Poker started in It seems the posts are written by a group of writers and freelance poker writers.

It touches upon poker news and tournaments, girls, and funny insights into poker and other topics. The blog is mostly commentary on tournaments and the poker industry.

It was useful for keeping up with what was happening in the poker world. Readers today may not find it useful as there is no updated information on the poker industry or tournaments.

Wives of Poker were created by Andrea King who, as the blog title states, the wife of a poker player. It was created in order to share her experience with other women who may be going through the same situation.

Wives may enjoy it just to feel a sense of comradery or understanding, but the blog has not been updated since October According to Andrea, her husband has been focusing more on his antique business and family.

The tone is very friendly, and he mostly post about his games, winnings and losses, random thoughts, etc. He writes about online poker and will even post a snap shot of his stats to give readers a better look.

He sometimes writes about tournaments he has attended as well and gives detailed insight on his poker play like hand analysis, bets, poker players he has encountered, etc.

He may post in the future, since he stated that he would hate for his blog to go to waste. Betting for Value is no longer running, but it can be used as a resource for any poker player.

On the blog, you will find useful strategic tips for poker tournaments, ring games, online poker, Texas Holdem, etc. The blog posts are full of examples that the reader can visualize and understand.

They are not afraid to admit the mistakes they have made, which makes the blog very realistic and personal so that the reader will feel comfortable and adequate enough to learn from the writer.

They touch upon topics such as tournaments, poker blogging, poker strategy, the poker industry, and traveling. You will also see posts about key players in the poker industry and other poker news.

The writing is very casual and informative. The writers tend to tell a story with their posts, which makes the blog more interesting and easier to see a certain point of view.

Dusty Schmidt is a well-known poker player in the industry, and he started his blog on Card Player in His blog touches upon his journey and experiences in the poker industry, his family, and golf.

His writing has a very casual tone as if he were talking to a fellow poker player. So he may post sometime this year. He is a professional poker player and is well known in the industry.

He blogs about various tournaments he has played in, poker styles, playing tips, game analysis and more. His writing is very casual, and he provides great details about his plays during tournaments and often offers tips to players for future reference.

His blog is beneficial to any poker reader, because they could gain a lot of insight into poker tournaments and poker play.

He started posting on September 20, 13 and his last post was on December 12, The posts in between those dates are very few.

What he mostly blog about was his traveling, tournaments, and touring. After he won the WPT in March, he gave a detailed account on his gameplay and his thought process during the tournament.

From what we could gather from his blog, it would have been a good mixture of gameplay and his travels as a poker player. This blog was created by Rob Yong, who is the owner of the Dusk till Dawn live poker club and the online poker site dtdpoker.

Other than that, there is not much you can do with this blog. Grundy started his blog The Unlikely Guide to Poker started in The blog is no longer running but is a very useful resource.

The blog talks about poker strategy, poker game variations, his beginnings in poke and more. This blog will be useful for novice and more advance players.

My Poker Thoughts are by a variety of writers, usually Timothy or Jeremy. This blog is all about poker. Although it is no longer running, it can be a useful resource.

They cover poker strategy, online poker hand analysis, tournaments, poker industry news, poker pros and more. Jonathan Little 09 Jun Jonathan Little 08 Jun Poker Twitter Feed.

Today she flies higher than Everest! Gavin Griffin sheaserrano What type of sweats Shea? I don't have any good sweat pants right now and need a good one.

Jonathan Little RT dbpoker1 : In our latest magazine article jonathanlittle deals with the subject of being short-stacked at a final table. Read the comp….

Chris Moneymaker bparispoker Since , CardPlayer has provided poker players with poker strategy , poker news , and poker results.

Once again, the field would grow to over entries, closing with a total of The bubble burst just over an hour from midnight, with a handful of Isle Poker notables earning another result for their resumes.

It was the largest high hand promotion since the poker room re-opened, and was extremely well received by the players.

The clear success of this bonus promotion will surely breed similar days in the near future Qualifying high hands must be aces-full or better, using both hole cards one-card high hands are not eligible for the promotional award.

A total of ten players were scheduled to reach the money, with action pausing after reaching five-handed play. Of the 64 total entries in the tournament, eight were scheduled to reach the money.

Action continued through the money bubble, eventually pausing when four-handed play was reached, with the remaining players agreeing to a deal. With the doors to the poker room opening in just a few hours, a lot of players are focused on tonight's action Tournaments: The weekend welcomes tournaments back to the schedule, with events hosted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tonight's event is the most popular of the three based on prior numbers , with an impressive turnout expected to the tournament.

Those in the event will be sitting down to starting stacks of 15, units, with 20 minute levels, and late registration open through Level 8 and the break that follows.

As mentioned yesterday, this tournament attracted 80 entries last week, and should see that number rise this evening.

Tournaments: There are no tournaments on today's schedule, but we are just over twenty-four hours away from the return of the "weekend swing," a trifecta of tournaments that run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening.

The tournament is structured with 15, chip starting stacks, has 20 minute levels, and offer late registration through Level 8.

There is no cap on the field size or re-entry , so it allows for some impressive numbers. All results from the Friday tournament will be posted here on the blog, along with results from the tournaments that follow.

There is so much to catch up on, and in addition, some incredibly exciting things to bring to you in the near future. One of the most important pieces of information to catch up on, was the ownership transition, from El Dorado to Caesar's Entertainment.

Players who return to the property, will find that a new player's card needs to be issued Caesar's , in order to begin earning rewards. The poker room is open for live cash games, tournaments, as well as Ultimate Texas Hold'em, 3-Card Poker, and DJ Wild poker room hours are from amam.

Both the cash games and tournaments are being played eight-handed, with mandatory temperature checks for any player that sits down at the tables.

Hand sanitizer is readily available at the table, as well as numerous location in and around the poker room.

All played must wear masks in the "correct" and safe fashion , unless consuming a beverage at the table any dining table side has been temporarily halted.

Any questions regarding the poker room, can be answered by calling during business hours Tournaments: The tournament schedule currently sees events hosted Friday through Sunday, all of which have seen great success since their return.

Best Poker Movies. Playing Poker For A Living. Elliot Roe Interview. Upswing Poker Lab. Poker basics. Interesting reads. Different Card Games. Deal Of The Week!

Top 20 Best Poker Blogs! Best In:. Have Fun In The:. So this is it, here are the Best Poker Blogs: Upswing Poker Upswing's poker strategy articles are one of the best on the internet, so you will not go wrong with it.

Pokernews I would say this is the best place online to find out what is happening in the poker world and get all the latest news in one place. Card Player Lifestyle If you are a poker fan or dedicated player, either way, you will love this blog.

Daniel Negreanu blog He is probably the most famous poker player in the world and he has done tremendous work representing the game and community.

Pokerstars blog The best feature of this blog is very fast updates and coverage on live poker tournaments.

Pokerlistings Blog Active poker blog with professional editorial team — that says a lot. Beast Of Poker Lifestyle With many poker blogs covering Texas Holdem strategy and other parts of the game, it is very nice to find fresh ideas and exciting articles about poker lifestyle, not just grinding through the days.

Jared Tendler Poker Blog Jared Tendler is one of the best mental coaches and can help you master your poker mindset in the way no one else can.

Out of Position A great blog of an active poker player. Hard Boiled Poker I love the way the author communicates and writes all articles which are always easy and fun to read.

Just the facts Most poker blogs touch non-poker related stuff like traveling, vacation and much more.

Fortunately my seat was near the area X^(1/X) unprotected by Rummikub temporary ceiling so I could step Transgourmet.De and pull down the mask within a few seconds. I love the way the author communicates Boom Bang Casino writes all articles which Ojo Casino always easy and fun to read. I ran this by my boss a few days later and got her best guess as to what happened. From there we should have been able to have made a quick left turn into the driveway for the ER so he could drop me off—but not so fast. Even if you were dealt pocket aces every hand, you would still lose some hands due to the concept of variance. Aber den habe ich finanziert indem ich anderen Spielern das Geld abgeluchst habe. For over Games Jobs Germany month, there Barbados Casino been no Saturday poker excursions. Posts are complemented with photos, play-by-play storytelling, and solid reporting. Poker Bonus King, on the other hand, covers online poker promotions. Left 4 tabling regular full ring games on Stars I lost my way and motivation for a couple of days before knuckling down Hot Party taking the opportunity playing fewer tables to work on my game. With all of these sites, you access to a variety of poker news, gossip, strategy, insight and more. Get an amazing infographic covering this topic to share with your friends. It is not a very personable blog, and there is Erotische Aufgaben much insight into strategy and game play. Jared Tendler is an author and psychologist specializing in the mental toughness and agility required to excel at Poker. Rtl Spiele.De Mahjong you can relate, you will certainly appreciate this blog. Darryll Fish. This blog does just that, with great articles by experienced players. This makes this blog an excellent resource for any beginner. The sports news Base Abzocker features excellent articles written by premier journalists on topics that every poker player should be looking into.
Poker Blog In unserem Blog berichten außerdem Spieler und Journalisten über die abseitigen Dinge des Pokerlebens. Von Höhen und Tiefen, von Abenteuern und​. Lesen Sie die aktuellen News und Storys rund um die PokerStars-Liveturniere, inklusive Pokertouren, eine SCOOP-Berichterstattung und die beste. dies ist ein Pokerblog. Es soll sich um Geschichten rund um das Pokerspiel drehen hier. Das wird auch % so bleiben versprochen! Aber. Der lange WCOOP-Grind hat offenbar keine Spuren hinterlassen, denn auch am ersten Sonntag nach der World Championship of Online Poker war jede Menge.

Bei dem Poker Blog Casino zu Beginn sogar Poker Blog beides: Freispiele und eine Bonuszahlung. - Allerdings…

Kurz zur Vorgeschichte: Für eines meiner Projekte benötigte ich einen Programmierer, den ich auf Freelancer.


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